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cvpcb filter by pin count not working with my library



Something is eluding me about the pin-count filter and KiCAD module libraries.  All of the normal on-disk libraries (folders named .pretty) function as expected with the pin-count filter.  However, my custom ODBC-based library does not (engaging the filter filters out all footprints).

I'm having trouble figuring out what the difference is.  The only difference between my ODBC library and an on-disk library is where the s-expr data lives; the former has it in a RDBMS, while the latter has it in a disk file.  The exact same deserialization code inside KiCAD is invoked in both cases.

Obviously I'm missing something.  If anyone is feeling generous with their time, my fork is at https://gitlab.com/Lotharyx/kicad and the main relevant file is /kicad/pcbnew/myodbc/myodbc_plugin.cpp, lines 106-141.