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License question


As we get close to releasing 6.x builds, I'd like to make sure our packages specify the correct license terms.

As of now, for Fedora, here is what we have.

Version 5.1.12:
Main package = AGPLv3+
3D Models = CC-BY-SA 4.0 with exception
documentation = GPLv3+ or CC-BY-3.0+

Nightly builds (5.99) and 6.x:
Main package = GPLv3+
3D Models = CC-BY-SA
documentation = GPLv3+ or CC-BY

Are the above specified correctly, or should something be changed?

Also, I assume 6.x and the 5.99 nightlies should use the same license terms, but if they should be different, please let me know.

Note: Fedora supports rather nuanced license terms, as described in [1].  In particular we can specify dual licenses via "or" terms, and we can specify different licenses for separate parts of a project using "and" terms.  Nested combinations of the above are also allowed.  Consequently, the license specifier can get very complex, but I'd like to keep it as simple as is practical.


[1] https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/LicensingGuidelines/

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