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GSOC 2022 | LTSpice schematic importer for KiCad


Hi all,

I am Chetan Shinde. First of all thanks for adding me to the developer's

It's great to be officially included in the team. 😀

I do have coding experience in C+, Java, and Python.

In this year's GSOC,  I am proposing writing KiCad importer for LTSpice.

Just a quick brief, about what I am proposing.

In the KiCad importer for LTSpice, we will be reading the LTspice
symbols(.asy) and schematics(.asc) files
and converting them into something that the KiCad can understand i.e
generating the (.pro) and (.sch) files.

I am really excited about my proposal and looking forward to connecting
with the team. Regards Chetan

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