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Should I start a new bug or is the reopened one suitable?


I recently reopened an issue [1] because I found an old schematic that could be opened properly by 5.1, but which gave "missing symbol" boxes when opened with 6.0 and 6.99.

However, while the effect is the same, the root cause may be different, so maybe reopening the bug was the wrong approach.  Should I instead start a new bug for this?

Looking at the .sch files, the original has entries like:

L RES-10M-5%-1/4W-CF R5

But after opening and saving the schematic with 5.1, this component has changed to:

L e202var-vlf-radio-receiver-rescue:RES-10M-5%-1_4W-CF R5

At that point, 6.0 and 6.99 can correctly open the newly saved schematic.

Thus, it looks like 6.0 and 6.99 have lost the ability to deal with a "/" in a component name.  I don't know if any other special characters also fall into this category.


[1] https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/11563

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