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questions on new fork / merge request


Esteemed KiCad Developers -

I just forked, patched, and submitted a merge request !1234
Don't break the build when source tree is read-only

I have low confidence I followed all the instructions that are
intended to make it fit the usual workflow.  Could someone look it
over, and tell me what I missed?

Most specifically: (a) should I pair this with a bug report,
and (b) is it valid to add fixes like this to the 6.0 branch?
That _is_ the branch I want to use -- I gravitate towards
"stable" code; just now getting my feet wet on 6.0 after using
5.1.x for years.

I haven't checked if this patch is also valid or required for
master branch.  I figured I could postpone that effort.

  - Larry