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Installation problem with KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice on Fedora 36


A user has reported a problem at https://forum.kicad.info/t/unable-to-simulate-an-op-amp-using-eeshemas-simulator-ngspice/36281/12.

After clarifying some user problems with his circuits, a real problem seems to surface up.

After installing KiCad on Fedora 36, he could not run some basic simulations because typical XSPICE models have not been available. They are needed to run simulations with PSPICE-compatible device models.

During compiling KiCad on Fedora, libngspice is pulled in as a dependency. Obviously the XSPICE code models (available in shared libraries analog.cm, digital.cm, spice2poly.cm, table.cm, xtradev.cm, xtraevt.cm) are not made available as well.

The user could temporarily fix his problem by also installing standard ngspice, which offers these code model files in /usr/lib64/ngspice/.

Steve, could you please check if these files are really missing in the Fedora distributions? If yes, could you care for adding these? Or should I ask Mamuro Tasaka to explicitely add them to his libngspice builds in Fedora?