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gitlab integration


I was looking at a few of the gitlab integration files.  I am not conversant with them, but I noticed that they seem to be specifying Fedora 34.  For example, here are a few lines from .gitlab-ci.yml:

    name: registry.gitlab.com/kicad/kicad-ci/source_containers/master/fedora:34
    entrypoint: ["/bin/sh", "-c"]

If my interpretation is correct, and since Fedora 34 is now obsolete, perhaps these files should be updated to specify Fedora 36, which is the latest released version.

But I don't know how these files are used or how changes can be tested.  Perhaps they should even specify Fedora Rawhide, although I seem to recall some problems with that a while back.

Anyway, if the devs who are familiar with the integration can take a look, that would be good.