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Call for the translation for 4.0.5


Hi Translators,

Could you update translation for Pcbnew manual for 4.0 branch by *Dec
16th*, please ?
For the upcoming KiCad 4.0.5 release, we fixed python section of Pcbnew.
Take a look at this PR for changes.

There are 6 po files under the pcbnew/po/ directory.
de.po  es.po  fr.po  it.po  ja.po  pl.po

- Please reply here *your language* if you can work on the translation work
- Post your PR to *4.0* branch of GitHub until *Dec 16th*, Friday, please.
- If no one raise hand for translation, we will apply changes to that .po file.

Sure, other 4.0 doc translation updates are welcomed, too.

Best regards,


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