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Re: [Question #231890]: how to debug a ladon script?


Question #231890 on ladon changed:

lgm gave more information on the question:
well... this time i do not know where to look. And what may happen :/

trying to enclose the import with

from threading import Lock
mutex = Lock()
import MyWS

do not change anything.

also the handler.py where like this:

from ladon.server.wsgi import LadonWSGIApplication
from os.path import abspath, dirname

#services = ['module1', 'module2', 'module4', 'module5', ] # all these works!
services = ['MyWS', ] # this one hang on one machine but not the other :/
application = LadonWSGIApplication(
  [dirname(abspath(__file__)), '/home/me/pylibs/', '/home/me/pylibs/otherlib'],
  catalog_name='webservice catalog',
  catalog_desc='Some webservices!')

the thing that drive me crazy is that it works on one machine, and not
the other, that if i consider the buggy module (say here 'MyWS' /
module3, alone it works on this machine, and not this other. And that
using the part without loading this module everything work on both!

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