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Code standup minutes: 2009-07-22


 - today worked on sending notifications when jobs fail with oopses
 - investigated why gmail hates us
   - won't respect text/x-diff or text/x-patch
   - can use text/x-patch with .txt
 - tomorrow continuing with notification stuff

 - yesterday was very open sourcing focused
 - worked on getting bzr working properly
 - oops logging still needs to be looked into
 - launchpad.Edit for official package branches

 - yesterday spent a while working with buildout to get tests against bzr.dev
 - much work around open sourcing
 - cleaned up some deleted branches from crowberry
 - today fix builder to run with bzr.dev
 - also look at the rewrite script to not use xmlrpc

 - not a particularly productive day, #launchpad-dev is a firehose
 - finished off inline review ready for UI review

 - Landed revision feed fix
 - buildbot herding
 - today talked to rockstar about changeOwner and changeTarget for branch
 - going to look at the team branch count OOPS today

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