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RFC: Bug page 3.0 redesign


The bug page will be redesigned for 3.0 to make it easier to work
with. Unlike other pages, the redesign is pretty light - the template
changes to the new two column style, but most elements stay where you
know them. Things to note:

* Bug-related information (secrecy, me too) is moved into the
right-hand side, just below the affects table. This should make this
information stand out better.
* All bug-related actions are now on the right hand side. That should
make them easier to find.
* The search portlet is gone. People can use the common search box or
go up one level for an advanced search.
* The description, activity items, comments and comment input are
nicely aligned.
* CVE references float to the right of the branch links. They are
quite rare and where they are now they steal too much vertical space.
* The link to the original description floats to the right of the tags.

Any thoughts?

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