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UI and other questions about +patches view (bug #255868)


For all of you following bug #255868 (which is about linking to the new
"+patches" view from the web UI), some questions:

  * Do you like the two screenshots I just posted at
    https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/255868 ?

Then these next two questions are for Abel or Tom Berger or some other
more experienced Launchpad developer:

  * In the latter of the two screenshots, you see how a popup comes up
    showing the details of the patch (this works the same way as in the
    +patches view itself).  However, for some reason, in the new branch
    [1] there's a bug whereby you can't move the mouse pointer into the
    popup because it pops down too quickly.  I remember we had the same
    problem when developing the +patches view, and we solved it, but
    looking over the code (see r8961 in db-devel) I can't figure out
    how.  What am I missing?

  * I told the portlet to sort the bugtasks by latest_patch_uploaded,
    and that definitely had an effect -- but it's strangely a little
    off.  As you can see in the screenshots, two recent patches are
    reversed according to their upload times, even though sorting *did*
    cause them two go to the top of the list when they hadn't been at
    the top before.  How can a sort be "almost" working?


[1] lp:~kfogel/launchpad/255868-link-to-patches-view

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