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Re: [RFC-UI] indicate which Launchpad services are not linked to upstream projects


On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 07:52 -0600, Edwin Grubbs wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 1:20 AM, Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On 4 March 2010 16:32, Edwin Grubbs <edwin.grubbs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> I would appreciate any feedback on this proposal for displaying users
> >> which services are unconfigured. This is very closely related to the
> >> proposal that Curtis emailed with the subject "RFC Changing
> >> permissions to allow contributors to set upstream information", but
> >> this document is only concerned with the project index page.
> >>
> >> The wiki page with screenshots can be viewed at:
> >> https://dev.launchpad.net/Registry/InvolvementPortletRefactor
> >
> > Hi, this sounds like a point of dissatisfaction at the moment and
> > something worth improving.
> >
> > I don't really understand the "one community/two communities" thing.

I think the message is lost in the spec. Contributors need to see and
set information that are need to contribute to a project. Ubuntu needs
to know the upstream contact, bug tracker, the development branch (in
launchpad), and automatic translation imports enabled for that branch.

These are application issues that overlap somewhat with the Involvement
portlet. Edwin proposes that we extend it to ask for the missing
information. What we have *not* solved is how to show that
information...this information is not always used to create an artefact
in an application.

Let me provide to examples that illustrate my frustration when I try to
help link Ubuntu to upstreams I think the problem will be very obvious.

A project with nothing

        Show that we are missing important information in the upstream
        connection portlet. Following the Binutil link to the project I
        This project does not have dedicated owner. This page is not
        telling me that Launchpad needs to know the upstream contact,
        bug tracker, development branch, and maybe translations need
        importing. Launchpad engineers, who are Registry Admins and have
        the power to fix the data are seeing the same page as other
        users--nothing is asking me to provide the information.

A project with something

        This package was linked to the wrong upstream. I decided to
        register the project and link it. The upstream connections show
        that I provided the bug tracker and imported the development
        branch. Following the link to the fail2ban project...
        I gave the project to the real owner, who does use launchpad.
        How do I report a bug. I cannot find the URL or link to the bug
        tracker anywhere? Something should tell me the information was
        provided and let me see it. The development focus in the Project
        information portlet implies that the source packages branch was
        setup, but that is misleading--a project may provide 5 packages
        from two series, each needs a branch. Do I need to setup imports
        of translations? I know the answer is no because I listed the
        remote repo during setup, nothing is tell us that task does not
        need to be done.

I think use the Involvement portlet to encourage the collection of
information has merit, though problematic. The involvement portlet want
to create a link to report a bug. Do we want to create a link to a
remote bug tracker? I cannot see that bug tracker without trying to
report a bug? I did not set the Upstream contact for fail2ban because
that is really the Bug supervisor for Launchpad's bug tracker. How do I
set the upstream contact when Launchpad does not really store this

Series information is difficult. We know Launchpad needs the branch for
the development focus branch, we do not know immediately know if we need
this for many series. Note the Packages in distributions portlet in the
projects page. Maybe that needs to show that the series is missing a
branch and that translations need importing?

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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