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Re: guide to Launchpad clients


[redirected back onto launchpad-dev [for real this time]]

Jonathan Lange <jml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I would like to recast that page from "things that use our API" to the
>> less nerdy "programs you can use with Launchpad", and link it from the
>> help homepage, and to bring in some more data to help people choose.
>> I'll merge them.
>FWIW, I like the URL "Clients" better.

I like Clients better too.  Just remember to add a redirect at the old
API/Uses page.

Martin, I didn't have time to do a full merge of the two pages, but I
remove the redundancies between them (and favored moving material to
Clients, rather than the other direction).  I also made sure both pages
refer to each other.  If you're not planning to merge them, please let
me know.

While I like the format of Clients, I think it might start to get
unwieldy with the number of entries that API/Uses has.  If I were
merging them, I'd probably favor the "Clients" URL but the API/Uses
format, or something like it.  However, if you're merging them, then I
wouldn't dream of imposing that aesthetic judgement on you :-).


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