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Meeting time for Technical Architect Team


Hi guys,

so, everyone in the To list is listed as being part of the Technical
Architect team, and now we have to do the hard part and decide when to
have a weekly meeting :)

It's tricky, since we're spread across in a lot of different time zones.
You can see the most extreme ones listed here:


The most troublesome one is Michael :) So, Michael, during which hours
would you be willing to have a meeting? I'm currently considering having
the meeting on either UTC Tuesday or Thursday, since I don't have many
meetings those days.

Looking at the different times, it's impossible to have the meeting in a
time that is convenient for everyone. I propose a couple of options.

    1. Have the meeting at European evening/New Zealand morning every

    2. Alternate the meeting times between having it like 1. one week,
       and European afternoon/US morning another week.

    3. Experiment with e-mail based meeting/discussions.

FWIW, I'm proposing to alternate the meeting times, since I'm not too
keen on having it in the evening, after core hours. Better to have it
only once every two week if necessary. This means that Michael wouldn't
be able to participate in every meeting, but that's ok, since Code has
two representatives.

Let me clarify what I mean with 3. as well. The idea here is to send out
the meeting agenda via e-mail once a week, at a fixed time. Each team
representative would respond to information requests in a timely manner.
The danger here is that there will be long, low-bandwidth, discussions.
To address that, we would be strict at scheduling phone calls, so that
interested parties (since often, it's sufficient for only a few people
to be involved in the discussion) can discuss things in a higher
bandwidth medium, reporting back the results. I have no idea how this
would work in practice, but maybe worth an experiment.

What do you think?

Björn Tillenius | https://launchpad.net/~bjornt

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