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Re: RFC Changing permissions to allow contributors to set upstream information


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Curtis Hovey <curtis.hovey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Allowing contributors to set upstream information
> =================================================
> A common issue that blocks an Ubuntu contributor or knowledgeable user
> from providing information that communities need to know about a project
> is permissions. While we understand that a project is shared by many
> communities, we have made a single person or team the project owner, and
> this person often represents one community. Project owners are often
> absent or do not provide the information needed by other communities to
> contribute to the upstream project.
> I want to change the permission rules for several project and series
> attributes to enable contributors to provide the missing information. This
> information pertains to Bugs, Branches, and Translations. I want to know
> your opinions and concerns about these changes.

Curtis, thanks for sending this out. There's so much goodness in this
thread! I pretty much agree with everything everyone has said (I'm a
little iffy on IProject.is_hosted though).

What's the next step? Can I encourage you to make a LEP, or at least
call me so we can plan out the next steps?