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Re: Huntting for qa-bad items


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On 03/16/2010 12:03 PM, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 14:57 +0000, Julian Edwards wrote:
>> On Tuesday 16 March 2010 14:49:33 Ursula Junque wrote:
>>> Curtis Hovey wrote:
>>>> http://people.canonical.com/~lpqateam/test-plan-report-10.03.html
>>>> says the registry has a bad item. I do not know of one and I cannot find
>>>> it. How can I find this bug that appears to be my team's responsibility?
>>>> http://tiny.cc/wERuP shows all qa-bad bugs in the launchpad-project for
>>>> all bug statuses. None of the bugs relate to the registry project or
>>>> team.
>>> This has been sorted out and I've replied Curtis yesterday: the script
>>> was considering a person in Registry when the person was Foundations.
>>> This was spurious, the chart is correct since then.
>>> To check your QA items of this cycle, I've prepared a "cheat sheet" [1]
>>> with the queries. Hope this helps!
>>> [1]
>>> https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/PreReleaseQAProcess/Experiment/Q
>>> ueryList
>> The way we do this QA now really obviates the need to put bug tags on the 
>> milestone listings (I stare at the current Soyuz milestone all day).
>> This was done a while ago but got reverted, I can't remember why.  Can we get 
>> it back?
> Not without a lot of work. Tags are expensive db calls that cause
> timeouts for small and large projects. This requires an async call to
> load, and I think we all know that ajax is 4 magnitudes or more greater
> than adding the info to the template.

I know this doesn't fix the issue, but I've created "qa summaries" to
make easier to visualize all items of a cycle for a team. You can find
them in https://devpad.canonical.com/~lpqateam/testplans/. I've already
filed a RT to have these files synced to people.canonical.com.


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Ursula Junque
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