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Re: guide to Launchpad clients


Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>I'm a bit conceptually blocked on this by waiting to hear what access
>control rules are supposed to pertain to the help wiki, and getting
>the actual rules to match that (if they differ).  At the moment I can
>edit the Clients page but not link it into the places it ought to be.
>Can you chase this?

Yes.  Do the pages you wanted to link from still have ACLs blocking you
from doing so?

>> While I like the format of Clients, I think it might start to get
>> unwieldy with the number of entries that API/Uses has.  If I were
>> merging them, I'd probably favor the "Clients" URL but the API/Uses
>> format, or something like it.  However, if you're merging them, then I
>> wouldn't dream of imposing that aesthetic judgement on you :-).
>I suspect we do not really have 20 clients that people actually want
>to use, probably more like 4-8 if that.  Let's emphasize them and add
>the niche or prototype ones in a less detailed way.

If you know enough to make those judgements, go for it! :-)  (I don't.)