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Re: Fresh lucid installation issues


On March 17, 2010, Julian Edwards wrote:
> Hey folks
> I am in the throes of installing LP on a new laptop on which I installed a
> fresh copy of lucid.
> Apart from the spidermonkey issue that we already know about, I found
> another problem when running update-sourcecode:
>   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/svn/__init__.py",
> line 120, in init_subvertpy
>     raise DependencyNotPresent("subvertpy", "bzr-svn: %s" % e.message)
> bzrlib.errors.DependencyNotPresent: Unable to import library "subvertpy":
> bzr- svn:
> It looks like this is down to the fact that update-sourcecode needs
> subvertpy to run, but subvertpy is built by update-sourcecode ...
> The lucid python-subvertpy package is only built for python 2.6 and the
> update-sourcecode script is explicitly using python 2.5.  When I remove
> that 2.5 to make it use the system python, all seems well.
> Is there a good reason for this script to use 2.5 or can I commit a change
> to make it use the system python?

Given that this script is only used on development machines, it should be 
relatively safe to use the system python. Ideally, subvertpy would be managed 
by buildout and we could make update-sourcecode a buildout script...

Francis J. Lacoste

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