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Re: Automatic import of upstream translations into Ubuntu


Danilo Šegan wrote:

So, as we discussed today, I've seen mention of the following ideas of
how we can do it:

 1. introduce a "fall-back POTMsgSet" where we basically tag matching
POTMsgSets between Ubuntu and upstream
 2. re-use and fix is_imported flag to finally be is_upstream flag as it
should have been from the start, making use of existing message sharing
 3. do an actual import from upstream translations into Ubuntu
 4. cleverly extend message-sharing to support this another dimension of
the problem
 5. handle it at updateTranslation level: negotiate what action needs to
be taken in code, and do merging and duplication as necessary

2 and 4 would be more scalable (i.e. wouldn't grow the DB too much), 1
is close to that, yet 3 and 5 would be very much unscalable.  To top it
off, 3 would be the only one with only a one-way sync, which I think
scratches it off the list.

I hope Jeroen can put some of his thoughts on


The page is up there now. Anyone who is interested, please have a look. I've updated the schema change, so things are a bit simpler than I initially thought.

This proposal also includes an option to get rid of is_imported, and a migration procedure.