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Re: Fresh lucid installation issues


On 17/03/10 20:35, Max Bowsher wrote:
On 17/03/10 20:14, Michael Hudson wrote:
Julian Edwards wrote:
Hey folks

I am in the throes of installing LP on a new laptop on which I
installed a
fresh copy of lucid.

Apart from the spidermonkey issue that we already know about, I found
problem when running update-sourcecode:

"/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/svn/__init__.py", line
120, in init_subvertpy
raise DependencyNotPresent("subvertpy", "bzr-svn: %s" % e.message)
bzrlib.errors.DependencyNotPresent: Unable to import library
"subvertpy": bzr-

It looks like this is down to the fact that update-sourcecode needs
to run, but subvertpy is built by update-sourcecode ...

The lucid python-subvertpy package is only built for python 2.6 and the
update-sourcecode script is explicitly using python 2.5.

That looks like the packaging is broken somewhere then -- if bzr-svn is
installed in the 2.5 area but python-subvertpy is not, which is what it
looks like, then that's a bug that has nothing to do with Launchpad.

Where are your bzr-svn and python-subvertpy packages from?

Moreover, where's your python2.5 bzrlib from? A lucid install shouldn't
have one.

Oh. Gosh. Somehow, my upgraded Lucid system doesn't have a python2.5 bzrlib, but yes, a fresh install of python2.5-minimal does trigger it to be linked/bytecompiled for 2.5. Right.

OK, this all makes sense. Not sure what, if anything, we should do about it, but it makes sense.

When I remove that
2.5 to make it use the system python, all seems well.

Is there a good reason for this script to use 2.5 or can I commit a
change to
make it use the system python?

Using the system python would probably be OK, but I think finding/fixing
the real bug would be better.

I've been meaning to propose a branch to change update-sourcecode to use
the system python too, for a different reason. As I mention above, a
Lucid system doesn't have bzrlib available under /usr/bin/python2.5.

I view using the system python as the correct approach for
update-sourcecode: Note that in a fresh invocation of rocketfuel-setup,
rocketfuel-setup will call rocketfuel-get which will call
update-sourcecode BEFORE anything buildout-ish happens.

I still think that using the system python for update-sourcecode is the right thing to do.


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