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Launchpad's service WADL clarification



I am working on a WADL-->C# converter and taking Launchpad WADL file as the example. This project is mainly targeted at generating client proxy code for Launchpad.
I ran into a few issues:

in the request section of WADL, it can contain param[] and representation_type[] both together I can understand that param[] can be used for generating a method which has all the parameters given in param[] For representation_type[] I understood that the method is overloaded and each there are as many overloaded methods as the number of representation_type

My doubt comes that, when both param[] and representation_type[] are present in a single request.
Let's take we have m param and n representation_type
In this case, does all the methods look like?

foo(param1, param2,.....,paramm, representation_type1)
foo(param1, param2,.....,paramm, representation_type2)
foo(param1, param2,.....,paramm, representation_typen)

Or in most situations param[] and representation_type[] wont occur together? Can I safely assume this?

I know many people on this list don't deal with development and not many use WADL since they are comfortable with launchpadlib.

It would be kind if some launchpad hacker answers this question. If anyone is familiar with WADL, your suggestions are appreciated. If the hacker who wrote Launchpad WADL can answer this, it would be a cherry on the ice.

P.S. I had initially sent this mail to launchpad-users instead. Sending it to the correct list now,


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