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Third party JavaScript parts + skinning



The work Yellow Squad is doing requires the use of a new widget from the YUI gallery.  Currently we have some third party stuff living in canonical/launchpad/icing but I don't want to further bloat that space.

I have created lp/contrib/javascript as a destination and made the required changes to utilities/lp-deps.py and bin/combine-css to package the new files into launchpad.js and combo.css.  I'll land this branch early next week.

Unless there is a reason to do differently, please use lp/contrib for any new resources we pull in and as a new home for the appropriate stuff in c/lp/icing if anyone is so motivated.

On a related topic, the new widget I've added needs to have a new skin created to match Launchpad's style.  I understand the YUI2 calendar widget we use was "re-skinned" by editing the default "sam" skin in place, which was expedient but not really skinning and may present maintenance issues if the widget were being actively developed.  I'd like to create a 'lp' skin for the new widget as it looks straightforward unless there is a good reason not to.



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