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Delete bugtask exploratory testing


Hi there,

last Friday I did some exploratory testing in the delete bugtask
feature part of the Disclosure project.
I filed bugs for the things I'm sure are bugs and left some notes
about the UI which I'm not sure if are bugs or not.

 - LocationError in +distrotask
 - Oops deleting all bugtasks from a bug report
 - Bugtask addition/deletion doesn't show in history? Before this
feature, when a new bugtask was added to the bug report, it didn't
appear in the interleaved history, so maybe this is not a bug. Now
that you can add/delete bugtask, maybe it'd be useful to have that in
the history as well (For example, by show deletion in the history,
might help people avoid adding the bugtask again to the bug report).
 - The icon to delete a bugtask (triangle with an exclamation mark on
it) looks like it's trying to warn me against deleting the bugtask. I
thought twice before removing the bugtask. Is this by design? What are
the consequences of deleting a bugtask?

Let me know if you would like me to play more with this feature.

Diogo M. Matsubara

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