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Re: Delete bugtask exploratory testing


On 11/16/2011 01:37 PM, Diogo Matsubara wrote:
>  - Bugtask addition/deletion doesn't show in history? Before this
> feature, when a new bugtask was added to the bug report, it didn't
> appear in the interleaved history, so maybe this is not a bug. Now
> that you can add/delete bugtask, maybe it'd be useful to have that in
> the history as well (For example, by show deletion in the history,
> might help people avoid adding the bugtask again to the bug report).
I revised this bug after your reported it. It *does* show in history, it
does *not* show in comments

>  - The icon to delete a bugtask (triangle with an exclamation mark on
> it) looks like it's trying to warn me against deleting the bugtask. I
> thought twice before removing the bugtask. Is this by design? What are
> the consequences of deleting a bugtask?

The task cannot be undeleted. The state of a bug task cannot be entirely
recreated by adding the project back to the bug and copying the visible
attribute that were reported in history.

Curtis Hovey

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