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CHR: Making sure all feedback RT tickets are addressed


Hey Julian.  

[Hi everybody.  I initially intended to just write this to Julian, but then I thought that this was probably good to share with everyone--everyone will be on bug rotation eventually.]

It looks like some people in both of our squads are not clear on how to work through the RT tickets for the feedback and commercial .  I clarified it with my squad this morning. Could you run through it with your squad too?

To be clear, when you go to https://support.one.ubuntu.com/index.html , "10 newest unowned tickets" on the left-hand side looks like you can do all your work with it.  It's a lie.  Ignore it.  If you clear out all the tickets there, there can still be tens or hundreds of new tickets.

The important things to keep track of are on the right-hand side, in the portlet labeled "Quick search".  We want "new" tickets for feedback and commercial requests to be down to zero.  "Open" tickets should be down to zero too, and they should be tracked, but some of those are for Matthew, and so largely out of our control (I asked Matthew to look at his today).  I regard "stalled" tickets as ignorable: that means that we contacted a user with a question and they have not replied.  We ought to clean them up at some point, but it probably is not all that important, AFAIK.

Click on the numbers in the portlets to see the filtered tickets.

Over the past two days, I got the queue of these new tickets down from around 140 to 0.  It got a lot faster today when Brad told the yellow squad about bulk operations.  I always delete "message returned" and non-English-language emails.  It turns out that you can do that really fast, for tickets that are obviously spam or discardable on the basis of the subject line.

When you have clicked on a number in the "Quick search" portlet, look at the top white horizontal bar.  Towards the end of the options on the left is "Bulk update".  Click it and rejoice at the checkboxes.  The option to delete the checked tickets is hidden in a drop down on the bottom right.

I still have to do some annoying clicking to delete emails individually that were not obviously spam from the subject, but this is tons better.



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