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Re: Developing interactive mockups for new features


On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Ian Booth <ian.booth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> involves the development of a fairly complex new UI, Matthew and his
> team tasked us with delivering an interactive mockup of the some of the
> core pages to allow exploratory testing with users. The users acting as
> guinea pigs were given various tasks to complete and it was observed
> whether the features they were testing were easily discoverable, what
> usability issues came up, could workflow be simplified etc.

Very cool!

> Something like Grok (http://grok.zope.org/) may be suitable. We'd have a
> slightly more complicated deployment process than simply checking out a
> branch to p.c.com. It may involve deploying to an ec2 instance for

Sounds perfect for a juju charm, which can deploy to the cloud or to local

Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/

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