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Re: Update on the custom bug listings beta



Some more news from that front:

* The beta will be temporarily disabled to permit us to deploy more
changes to Launchpad. We should turn the beta on again, once we have
fixes for recently introduced bugs.

* We are adding one more week to the feature to polish all issues found
in the past 4 days. This means that the Orange squad will transition to
maintenance on Dec 12th, at the same time that Yellow starts with
parallelizing the test suite.


On 11-11-28 10:20 AM, Matthew Revell wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Four days into the custom bug listings beta, here's an update on
> what's happening. Aaron's CCd so maybe he'll add to this and/or
> correct me.
> We have some polish still to do, that it'd be nice to have done before
> the end of the beta:
>  * The initial version of the "please wait" spinner should be landing soon.
>  * Huw's looking at how to align items so that they appear in the same
> vertical column, without introducing actual columns (bug 897097).
>  * The wrong order-by widget is highlighted when loading a page from
> its URL, rather than re-ordering using the buttons (bug 894836).
>  * The order of the fields displayed in the customisation widget needs
> to make sense (bug 894743).
>  * We're showing small icons next to several items of info (reporter,
> milestone, age, for example) but those icons aren't convincingly
> useful (bug 897096).
>  * Some people have reported the gear icon is easy to miss (bug 894729).
>  * Reset to default view doesn't work in Chrome/ium (bug 892211).
> There are some questions we need to answer, too:
>  * Tags, milestone, person, package/project: these are not linked ...
> should they be? What to? (various bugs)
>  * The bug listing arrows appear to be backwards (bug 894535). Do most
> people agree?
> And a couple of bigger things we need to think about:
>  * How do we help smaller screens users (over 50% of LP visitors) make
> the most of the new data they can see in bug listings, while enabling
> wider screen users to see as many bugs as possible in one go? (bug
> 894442). Basically, we need to make it so you can have status,
> importance, number and title without straying onto two lines.
>  * What should the default ordering and info be?
> Overall, the feedback has been positive. People really like the
> ability to customise the information shown and to easily re-order
> listings. The new design has gone down pretty well, with the caveat
> that we need to consider how to cater for people who want to see many
> bugs on screen at once.

Francis J. Lacoste

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