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Re: All hail bikeshedders: looking for a tag to represent critical-in-new-feature


On 30 November 2011 22:54, Francis J. Lacoste
<francis.lacoste@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We already have a tag for regressions. But we don't have a tag for
> critical bugs introduced by new features. So what should we use to group
> these? I know that each feature have their own tag, (currently
> disclosure and bug-columns for example), but it would be easier for
> historical tracking if there was a common tag that was always used.
> 'feature' could be it, but we use it to indicate bugs that are really
> feature request.
> So I'm looking for suggestions

Why not just "feature-critical". Or would that be diving back down the
rabbit hole of tags-with-namespaces?

Graham Binns | PGP Key: EC66FA7D

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