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All hail bikeshedders: looking for a tag to represent critical-in-new-feature


Hello launchpadders,

Last week on the TL call, we agreed on a change in the way to track our
critical inventory.

Like the critical analysis showed, we have a deep mine of undiscovered
critical showing up or waiting to be filed. We don't know how deep the
mine is, but until we address the tech-debt sustaining it (design for
performance, test coverage, etc.) we'll keep getting new ones. Tracking
these ones doesn't really give us a good indicator on whether we are
improving in quality or not.

So we need to track criticals introduced by new work separately so that
we can ensure that we are improving our quality, or at the bare minimum,
not degrading. (And address quickly degradation trends.)

We already have a tag for regressions. But we don't have a tag for
critical bugs introduced by new features. So what should we use to group
these? I know that each feature have their own tag, (currently
disclosure and bug-columns for example), but it would be easier for
historical tracking if there was a common tag that was always used.

'feature' could be it, but we use it to indicate bugs that are really
feature request.

So I'm looking for suggestions.


Francis J. Lacoste

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