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Re: Welcoming our users to IRC


On 2011-11-30 21:03, Matthew Revell wrote:

Would anyone mind if I stuck some kind of “join us on IRC, we're here to
help!” somewhere near the top of the help.launchpad.net page?

Not at all; great idea.

Done.  Please have a look & correct anything you need to.

(And to reinforce my reminder, I noticed that the link to our mailing list did not mention email either).

Relatively few people end up at the help wiki, so there'll remain a
chunk of people who don't see that. According to our PageHits page
[1], not that many help wiki visits are to the front page.

It'd be a shame for users not to find our contact information.

Breaking through the impersonal application UI can work miracles for net usability. People get things done, and even better, they don't lose motivation because they have an option for when they get stuck.

For comparison: a friend is being impersonated on Facebook, and I tried to help. Facebook's documentation was full of effective, well-explained procedures. None of them worked. It wasn't clear why. There was no next step. Everybody would win if I could only talk to the developers or report a bug!