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Welcoming our users to IRC


Hi all,

I just talked to another user who was stuck with a problem in Launchpad and had given up on a feature. As so often, all it takes is someone to talk to!

Two things I'd like to do about that:

 1. A small documentation tweak.
 2. A reminder.

The tweak

Would anyone mind if I stuck some kind of “join us on IRC, we're here to help!” somewhere near the top of the help.launchpad.net page?

We currently have this near the bottom, somewhere under Other Stuff:

 * Contact us: #launchpad and #launchpad-dev on Freenode, <...>

Why do I even ask? Because it will mean spending more time on IRC explaining things that users could, in theory, be finding out for themselves. In the long run though it may also mean more users helping each other out on the channel, more feedback, and more fun.

The reminder

Notice how we tell people to find us on IRC without even mentioning IRC? That's pretty cryptic. They'll think #launchpad is a Twitter tag or something. It's easy to forget that the stuff we do all day isn't obvious to everyone!

There's a bit about mailing lists as well, slightly clearer, but I for one would have missed that. I find the eye starts skipping text when it finds things that don't make sense.

And that, by the way, is why I did not start this message with "tl;dr:".


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