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Re: Hiding comments from most Launchpad users


On 29 November 2011 08:12, Julian Edwards <julian.edwards@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > This is a more general problem across Launchpad and I see requests for
>> > "who did this?" all the time.  We should start recording this data in a
>> > generic fashion as soon as possible and worry about adding an interface
>> > to view it later.  It probably needs a new audit table where we can
>> > store generic actions
>>                                                      s/table/service/
>> > and link them to a Person.
>> Why a service? Because if its generic there is no need for it to be
>> part of LP core; being separate will allow reuse in e.g. SSO, Software
>> Centre Agent, Ratings and Reviews, .... Being a separate service also
>> allows for restricted restricted access to its DB, if we choose - to
>> allow a higher standard of security around the audit trail[s].
> Rabbit!
> Yes, this is a much better way than a table.  Do you fancy knocking up a LEP?

Such an audit-trail service would also solve a common request for
stakeholders for some kind of paper trail in archives (both primary
and PPA).

Graham, I'll be happy to help with a LEP if you like.

Matthew Revell
Launchpad Product Manager