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Re: Bug listings: offering the option of a single line or multi-line view


On 01/12/11 22:51, Matthew Revell wrote:
> My question is this: within the scope of the beta, do we have time to
> add an option to the "Visible info" widget that allows people to
> choose between a single-line view and multi-line?

In terms of the css/html it is a reasonably small amount of work to have
two display modes (the css/html structure is quite good and would make
this fairly easy). It would be a matter of setting a max width on the
title and getting the extra fields to flow after that (there's a little
more to it than that, but you get the idea).

There would be more work to swap modes but I don't know what's involved
in that.

I've attached a mockup of what it might look like if the fields are
sitting horizontally. I think this will really only work if you have the
right combination of very wide monitor and/or not too many extra fields
otherwise you will have fields wrap on to the second line anyway.

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