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Re: Bug listings: offering the option of a single line or multi-line view


On 2 December 2011 16:45, Huw Wilkins <huw.wilkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 01/12/11 22:51, Matthew Revell wrote:
>> My question is this: within the scope of the beta, do we have time to
>> add an option to the "Visible info" widget that allows people to
>> choose between a single-line view and multi-line?
> In terms of the css/html it is a reasonably small amount of work to have
> two display modes (the css/html structure is quite good and would make
> this fairly easy). It would be a matter of setting a max width on the
> title and getting the extra fields to flow after that (there's a little
> more to it than that, but you get the idea).
> There would be more work to swap modes but I don't know what's involved
> in that.
> I've attached a mockup of what it might look like if the fields are
> sitting horizontally. I think this will really only work if you have the
> right combination of very wide monitor and/or not too many extra fields
> otherwise you will have fields wrap on to the second line anyway.

To me, that is a bit harder to read because the description is wrapped
after only about 5 words.  I think scanning down the list reading the
descriptions is generally pretty important and will be easier if they
are longer.

If the supplementary fields were flowed rather than columnated most of
the rows in that example would fit on a single line, which I think
would be good.  That might make it harder to scan down the package and
age columns.  On the other hand since the age uses varying units it is
not very easy to scan anyhow.