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Bug listings checkpoint 2011-12-02


== Summary ==

 * Beta extended until 16th December; we'll decide at that point
whether to extend by a further week. * Orange and Product are
addressing the beta feedback about the new layout. * Orange are
investigating timeouts. * Orange will test pre-fetching. * Product
will be looking at UI polish tasks. == Polish ==
 * The interim spinner has landed. * Huw's one-line design is ready to
land. * Some vocal beta testers are unhappy that the new layout makes
poor user of wide screens.
== Hot bugs and person/team bug pages ==
 * Aaron is merging the hot bugs page with +bugs. * A time-out is
killing person/team bug pages. == Beta ==
 * The timeouts and design issues we're having mean that we won't be
ready to leave beta by the 9th, so we'll re-evaluate on the 16th and
consider extending again to the 23rd. * User interviews are going
well. People approve, in general. Chris Gregan stated that multi-sort
would be nice to have in future.
== Action items for the next check-point ==
 * Orange: land the improved spinner. * Orange: test the load that
pre-fetching puts on the data centre. * Orange: investigate and fix
timeouts. * Diogo and Dan: check how important it is to be able to
specify sort ordering via the URL. * Huw: investigate if using media
queries and responsive design techniques could solve the wide-screen
versus narrow screen issue. * Huw: make the text in the status and
importance icons easier to read. * Huw: address the weighting and
arbitary colour problems with the status and importance icons: users
tell us status is more important but right now importance is easier to
spot. * Orange: hot bugs page to merged with +bugs.

Matthew Revell
Launchpad Product Manager


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