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Re: Build recipe for launchpadlib


Hi Brad, Francis,

Am 05/12/11 23:50, schrieb Brad Crittenden:
On Dec 5, 2011, at 17:09 , Francis J. Lacoste wrote:

Hi Brad,

Another alternative would be to put the packaging right into the main
branch. If we want to the Launchpad team maintains this, why require two
pushes, where one will do?
Hi Francis,

I was curious about this too and had a chat with Barry last week.  He said it was a matter of hygiene that most projects separate their packaging  so that it is easier to release to PyPI and other places that don't care about Debian-style packaging.  I welcome other opinions.
It would be nice to keep the packaging separate for the sake of the launchpadlib packaging in Debian, which is managed independently. Having the debian/ directory in the upstream source can be confusing because it causes strange diffs, and causes merge conflicts when a new upstream version is merged in.
See also this question in the FAQ on the Debian wiki:


Admittedly this is less of a problem with the 3.0 source formats, but it would still be nice to avoid it.



Any reason not to set this up on the ~launchpad team itself?
That could be done, I just picked ~lazr-developers since that team owns lp:launchpadlib.

And FWIW, I think this discussion should be happening on launchpad-dev.
Of course it should.  Thanks for the reminder.



On 11-12-05 02:51 PM, Brad Crittenden wrote:
Hi Francis,

I've created a build recipe for launchpadlib below:


It uses the launchpadlib trunk as the source and a new packaging branch I created for the /debian directory.  Using this set-up, creating  release candidate PPA for launchpadlib would require the developer to get the packaging branch and update the changelog file, which will be pretty easy even for people who don't understand packaging.

If you like this approach, please take the recipe I have and recreate it for ~lazr-developers.  A new PPA for the team will need to be created and the recipe published to it.


Francis J. Lacoste

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