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Can we get rid of per-script table permissions


Hi Stuart,

Can we get rid of per-script table permissions? Is there a significant
benefit to this policy in terms of isolation. The bulk of our code runs
in the app server with almost unlimited access to the DB.

There are significant costs to maintaining that policy:

- In the sample of my critical analysis, DB permission errors were 6% of
the critical bugs.
- Just in the last weeks, we had DB permission problems occured 2 or 3
- We have several tests that only purpose is to create complex enough
hierarchy of object to ensure that the script still runs without
permission error.
- We could probably simplify the deployment (since we'd only need to
create and remove users, not permission group.)

So I think to put up with such costs, the benefits have to be clear. And
as I understand it currently, I don't think that's the case.

On the other hand, I think maintaining the one-user per script policy is
great for an auditing purpose, and doesn't cost us much to keep.


Francis J. Lacoste

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