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Re: Database patch problems


On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 8:38 PM, Jonathan Lange <jml@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm trying to follow the database patch process[1] to rename
> Archive.commercial to Archive.suppress_subscription_notifications. I
> hit problems when I get to 'make newsampledata'.
> First, I get a lot of spew: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028563/. It's
> mostly of the form:
>  pg_dump: NOTICE: there are circular foreign-key constraints among
> these table(s):
>  pg_dump:   bug
>  pg_dump: You may not be able to restore the dump without using
> --disable-  triggers or temporarily dropping the constraints.
>  pg_dump: Consider using a full dump instead of a --data-only dump to
> avoid this problem.
> Can I safely ignore these?

Yes. This is noise from the hack that is sampledata.

> Second, if I run 'make newsampledata' straight off db-devel after
> running 'make schema', I get changes to the sample data for
> ArchivePermission and SourcePackagePublishingHistory.
> The ArchivePermission changes seem to be due to a new column, 'pocket'
> on that table. I cannot make sense of the SPPH changes.
> My understanding is that 'make newsampledata' without any db patches
> after a 'make schema' should result in 0 changes, and thus that
> something went wrong before I started my branch.

This would be the case if every database patch landed also updates the
sampledata, but this step is often missed.

> I'm unclear how I should proceed, since I need to include sample data
> changes in my database patch, but these changes are not related.

I don't review sample data changes - it is a black box, and the sample
data is good if the tests pass. Don't worry about it, and in a perfect
world do the sample data update after review to keep the diff in the
MP managable. As you have found, it gets pretty noisy sometimes.

Stuart Bishop <stuart.bishop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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