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Better Privacy checkpoint 2012-06-06


= Better Privacy check-point 2012-06-06 =

== Summary ==

 * There's a need for some manual data clean-up to fix inconsistencies
in private/public branches in a number of projects.
 * Work on private projects will begin during this fortnight.

== Manage sharing ==

Curtis published the video describing the new data types and has had a
few conversations with people about them.

Curtis has also been trying to complete the work to turn off private
projects whose subscription has expired. However, LP doesn't
understand this scenario. Projects that have gone public continue to
get notices about expired subscriptions, which obviously is incorrect.

There are 136 projects with branches in an inconsistet state, so we
can't enable sharing for them. Most of these are private projects that
have gone public. In that state, they shouldn't be able to create new
proprietary branches but they should be able to keep those they
already had. LP doesn't know how to handle this mixed proprietary

Curtis needs to do some manual data clean-up to fix those existing
projects. Longer term, this problem will go away with the advent of
private projects.

Removing the branch visibility switch is in progress but dependent on
the Curtis' data clean-up.

Exposing the proprietary data type and embargoed branches are also
waiting on the work above.

Purple have been able to work around the need for Celery and have
instead used LP's existing jobs system.

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: [mrevell] Edit/review Private Projects LEP
 * ACTION: [sinzui] Manually clean-up projects that have branches in
an inconsistent state
 * ACTION: [sinzui] Work out how users can take a private project
public, while retaining some private artefacts.
 * ACTION: [purple] Expose the proprietary status type.
 * ACTION: [purple] Branches will state they can be embargoed: data
clean-up issue blocking this.
 * ACTION: [purple] Remove branch visibility switch and move to the
new normal policy access.

== Entitlement ==

Manage sharing is taking priority right now.

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: [purple] Enable basic entitlement for branches: people
should be able to enable branch privacy themselves.

== Private projects ==

This is in the LEP phase.

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: [mrevell] Review/revise the LEP
 * ACTION: [mrevell] Stakeholder consultation on privat eprojects and
research of existing materials.

Matthew Revell
Product Manager, Launchpad and MAAS