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Yellow squad checklist thoughts


Hello Yellow,

James Westby and I are starting to do retrospectives, inspired by you guys.

I came across your "Starting a project checklist". I like it. It
should maybe link to Launchpad's own checklist,

Your checklist on "Depending on another developer" reminded me of a
checklist I recently saw about delegation. That is, you need to
establish these things up-front[1]:
 1. Desired results [spend time here, include "when"]
 2. Guidelines [what I'd call constraints]
 3. Resources available [money, team, people]
 4. Accountability [what measures, how often]
 5. Consequences [natural ones & incentives]

I've found that in the past I've missed or assumed 3-5.


[1] From "Seven Habits". Covey calls it "stewardship delegation",
which makes me cringe a little, but emphasises that the delegate is in

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