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Re: Yellow squad checklist thoughts


Hi Jono.  I hope the retrospective goes well.  We'd be very happy to
hear your ideas on changes and improvements and experiments.  (I still
need to write up today's retrospective but I'm out of time ATM.)

I'll update the lists as you suggest.

I'm not sure yet exactly how I'll integrate the Covey ideas, but I'm
very interested in trying to do so. Depending on a cross-team developer
(or developer) is definitely one of the more consistently difficult
things we've encountered, both in the open source world and not.
Occasionally it works fabulously, but more often it falls into a hole.

Items 3-5 are particularly easy to miss, and yet they also are hard when
the natural consequences are only on your side.  Interesting to think
about incentives ("unnatural consequences"?) in that context, but it
feels like that might backfire sometimes.

Thank you


On 06/15/2012 12:11 PM, Jonathan Lange wrote:
> Hello Yellow,
> James Westby and I are starting to do retrospectives, inspired by you guys.
> I came across your "Starting a project checklist". I like it. It
> should maybe link to Launchpad's own checklist,
> <https://dev.launchpad.net/CreatingNewProjects>.
> Your checklist on "Depending on another developer" reminded me of a
> checklist I recently saw about delegation. That is, you need to
> establish these things up-front[1]:
>  1. Desired results [spend time here, include "when"]
>  2. Guidelines [what I'd call constraints]
>  3. Resources available [money, team, people]
>  4. Accountability [what measures, how often]
>  5. Consequences [natural ones & incentives]
> I've found that in the past I've missed or assumed 3-5.
> jml
> [1] From "Seven Habits". Covey calls it "stewardship delegation",
> which makes me cringe a little, but emphasises that the delegate is in
> charge.
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