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2 small LEPS: Launchpad developer Juju charm & juju-based parallelized "ec2 land" command


Hi all.  I have two small unofficial LEPs ready for comments.  We might
be able to get to them.  I hope we will. :-)


"Make a Juju charm that can support casual/quick Launchpad development
and one-off parallel testing (as opposed to automatic parallel testing)."

The LEP includes some implementation notes, in addition to the usual
discussion of motivations and goals.  This work would be based off of
the lpsetup LEP/work that Francesco raised recently, and it would
leverage Juju subordinate charms in order to get a faster start-up time.


"Given a Launchpad developer charm that supports parallel testing, ec2
test and ec2 land can be drastically simpler. Specifically, the ec2
script could simply drive the charm, and then merge the desired branch,
and then arrange to run the tests, send the results by email, and send a
PQM submission if requested and appropriated.

This would give us parallel testing, it would push a lot of the EC2 code
into Juju and out of Launchpad developer maintenance, and it would be a
part of a more flexible environment that is integrated with Canonical's
Juju push."