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Do we need the lazr namespace in our javascript?


Hey all--

I've been working through a number of javascript modules lately, and
I've noticed we still have a bunch of "lazr" namespaced modules, but
they all live in "lp/app". In some cases we have "lazr" modules that are
then consumed by "lp.app" modules and only the "lp.app" objects are used
anywhere else.

Is there any reason we're keeping the "lazr" namespace around in our js?
I know Ian and I migrated the external lazr stuff into the main tree at
one of the Thunderdomes, and at the time we kept the "lazr" just to
simplify the refactor. It looks like some work has been done since then,
and I think maybe it's time to just kill this and integrate them fully
in the "lp.app".



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