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need help for a bug in the ui


Hi all,
I could need help with the following:

I saw this bug ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/8242929 ) and
wondered what should be edited out. On the example page in the comments
you can see that on the left hand side under "Architectures and builds
for Oneiric" and also further up on the page this little "i" simbol with
a text saying "Show ..." is used a lot but further down this link on the
right side of the actual text saying "All ..." is being used. It seems
rather inconsistent to use both forms and just deleting one of them at
"Latest uploads" does not really fix the inconsistency of the UI.
Could I get some opinions about how it should be fixed? It seems to be a
matter of personal taste mostly.

Ivo Kracht

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