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Re: Who can create private bugs and branches?


On Wed, 2012-06-27 at 17:41 +1000, William Grant wrote:
> Ideas? Cases that I haven't considered? Anything?

Yes :-)

So the use case that we have in Product Strategy is a little bit
different.  We have generally public projects with public bugs and
public branches, but occasionally we need to do private work on those
projects.  For instance, if we had a new form factor coming out that we
wanted to release with a partner (Ubuntu for Toasters with Whirlpool)
that would need customization of an indicator.  So we'd want a private
branch(s) of that indicator for that customization work.

That seems simple enough, where it gets a bit tricky as that we really
what a private integration branch and the ability for developers to
create private branches that'll be merged into that one.  This way we
can continue with our code review policies and set up Jenkins to
auto-land and do daily builds of that integration branch.

Ideally, but not required, we'd like to be able to make all of those
branches/merges public as we're not interested in hiding them long term
only to achieve certain time-based business/marketing goals.

Just FYI, what we do today is we create or re-use a private project and
"fork" the project to be private for a while.  This works, but it's
confusing and it feels like we're fighting LP a bit.


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