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Re: Who can create private bugs and branches?


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On 12-06-27 12:32 PM, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> Default public (branch or bug) rules 1. Any user can create a
> public bug or branch. 2. Any user can *create or change* a bug or
> branch to Embargoed Security because we do not want to stop someone
> from protecting others. 3. Any user can *change* a bug or branch to
> User Data because we do not want to stop someone from protecting 
> others. 3.1 Only users that the project shares User Data with can
> report a User Data bug or create a User Data branch. 4. If the
> project has a commercial subscription, Any user can *change* a
> bug/branch to proprietary to protect organisations. 4.1 Only users
> that the project shares proprietary information with can create
> proprietary bugs or branches

Since creating a bug/branch and then changing it to proprietary has
the same result as creating a proprietary bug/branch, shouldn't all
users be able to create proprietary bugs/branches?  That would also
match the default proprietary bug rules better.

> The two proprietary sets of rules differ on creation rules.
> Launchpad stacking rules require that you have access to the series
> branch to have access to the feature/fix branch.

The selection of stacking branch is under user control.  They do not
have to use our suggestion (which is always the development focus
IIRC) if they do not want to.  We could perhaps modify the way we
suggest branches to ensure that the suggested branch is always
user-visible (i.e. use a different branch that is public.) We could
also teach bzr to ignore suggestions that it can't use.

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