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Disclosure project checkpoint notes - 2012-07-05


= Better Privacy check-point 2012-07-05 =

== Summary ==

 * Private projects will be developed by the Orange squad.
 * Still working toward migrating the branches to the new model to go in

== Manage sharing ==

 * Still not in full beta.
 * Main missing thing to go in beta is the migration of branches to the
 sharing policy model.
 * Team is landing database patches and model changes to decouple bugs
 and branches privacy so that we can put the UI in beta only for beta.
 * At the same time, work on migrating branches is under way.
 * Thread on launchpad-dev about permissions to create branches
 clarified the rules.
 * Might need some rules clarifications around personal branches.
 * Given bug relationships is not needed by stakeholders, Orange is
 going to take private projects instead.

=== ACTIONS ===

 * ACTION: [purple] Settle who can create personal branches with the
various information type possibility.
 * ACTION: [purple] Consolidate feature flags so that it's easy to turn
sharing on/off into beta.
 * ACTION: [purple] Put the sharing UI in beta for bugs.
 * ACTION: [purple] Remove branch visibility switch and move to the new
normal policy access.
 * ACTION: [purple] Expose the proprietary status type.

== Entitlement ==

 * On hold, until branches are migrated to the new model.
 * Need one flag for maintainer to specify that they have proprietary
 branches. Could use another for public project, but in the end, simply
 leave that functionality to private projects.

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: [purple] Enable basic entitlement for branches: people should
be able to enable branch privacy themselves.

== Private projects ==

 * This is in the LEP phase.

 * Given bug relationships is not needed by stakeholders, Orange is
 going to take private projects instead.

 * Curtis thinks that users will keep using the "user data" information
 type to work around the lack of multiple-tasks for proprietary.
    * If that's the case, we could change the proprietary information
    type to have the same properties than user-data.

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: [mrevell] Review/revise the LEP
 * ACTION: [sinzui] Work out how users can take a private project
public, while retaining some private artefacts.
 * ACTION: [mrevell] Stakeholder consultation on private projects and
research of existing materials.
Francis J. Lacoste

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