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Yellow squad weekly retrospective meeting minutes: June 6


I'm a bit behind on this, but here it is finally.  This week I divided
them up into three posts.  I'm just going to summarize and link them
here, rather than copying them into a difficult to read and
exceptionally long email.

= Project status =

Summary: We made some good progress, but this week was not as successful
as we had hoped.

Please see

= Tricks =

bac: manage your services together with their supporting infrastructure

gmb: beware: Launchpad's ec2 command will sometimes silently break if
your download cache doesn't have what you need.

gary_poster/gmb: if you get a weird ec2 result, don't forget about ec2's
postmortem option.

Please see

= Topics =

gary_poster/benji: Personal feedback loops

bac/benji/gary_poster: Poorly specified tasks

Please see

= Extra =

I have one other post from this week, reflecting on the sprint Maris ran
in ISD and how it might be carried over to prototyping.