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Re: last chance to prevent combo loader for all


So the issues I see are:
 - we're having a problem with apache
 - and adding combo loader is the most recently changed thing
 - taking it from all beta to all users will increase traffic substantially.

I think you (as the person doing the work) and ops (as the folk
responding to things breaking) need to put your heads together to
decide if the risk of pushing it further with an unquantified issue in
the core of the service deliver (which this is, *all* our traffic goes
through those apache instances: if they break, it all breaks).

If you guys think its ok to push ahead, great; if you don't, I fully
support taking the time to get it right; increasing our overheads is
rather unsustainable.

FWIW if I was working on the project, I'd be obsessing about this failure :)